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Standard Global Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SGJMMS)

Table of Content:July2014; Volume 1 Issue 4

Research Articles

Isabu PA, Eifediyi RA, Umelo CC, Ikhelo AJ and Affusim C

Trends in Ectopic pregnancy in a Nigerian sub-rural teaching Hospital

Stand. Glob. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2014 1(4): 082- 090[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](351 KB)

Tomas Benti Teferra and Genet Melak

Knowledge about Hepatitis B virus and practice of universal precautions toward its prevention among medical and health science students of Madawalabu University, South east Ethiopia, 2014
Stand. Glob. J. Med. Med. Sci. 2014 1(4): 091- 101
[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](289 KB)

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