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Stand. Glob  J.  Med. Med. Sci.

Vol. 1 No. 4

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Standard Global Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SGJMMS)


Standard Global Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol.1(4), pp. 082-090, July 2014
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 Research article


Trends in Ectopic pregnancy in a Nigerian sub-rural teaching Hospital


 1Isabu PA, *1Eifediyi RA,Umelo CC, 1Ikhelo AJ and 2Affusim C


1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Irrua Teaching Hospital, Irrua, Edo State

2Department of Family medicine, Irrua specialist teaching hospital, Irrua, Edo state


*Corresponding author E-mail:


Accepted 24 April, 2014


This was a retrospective study of ectopic pregnancies carried out at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua, a sub rural setting from January 1st 2007 ? December 31st 2011. The study was designed to determine the incidence, clinical pattern, predisposing risk factors, surgical management and morbidity and mortality of patients with ectopic pregnancy. There were one hundred and sixty one (161) ectopic pregnancies and five thousand and four hundred (5400) deliveries over the study period giving an incidence of 2.96%. Majority of the patients with ectopic pregnancy were nulliparous (49.3%) in their twenties (69.3%). Previous pelvic inflammatory disease (75.6%) and induced abortion (73.1%) were the predominant risk factors. 72.5% of the patients were not using any method of contraception, while 13.75% were using IUCD, 10% were using injectibles and 3.75% used barrier method. Secondary amenorrhoea, abdominal pain and irregular vaginal bleeding (100%, 82.5% and 58.1%) were the most frequent presenting features. 72.5% of the patients had ruptured ectopic pregnancy while 24.3% had unruptured ectopic pregnancy. 38.1% were in shock while 54.4% of the cases were made by clinical diagnosis, 36.9% by ultrasound scan diagnosis and 8.8% by laparoscopic diagnosis. All the patients had laparatomy. Commonest site of implantation was in the fallopian tube (96.9%) and 2(1.3%) was abdominal and 3 (1.9%) was ovarian. The right tube (50%) was more affected than the left tube (46.9%). 67.5% of the patients had blood transfusion and there no maternal death during the surgery. The finding in the study show a high incidence ectopic pregnancy in this environment and presentation in the hospital is usually late.

Keywords: Ectopic, Gestation, Contraception

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