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Standard Global Journal of Geology and Exploration Research (SGJGER)

Table of Content:July2016; Volume 3 Issue 5

Research Articles

Kamba AH, Bonde DS and Udensi EE

Spectral Depth Analysis of Some Part in Lower Sokoto Basin, North - West Nigeria, Using Aeromagnetic Data
Stand. Glob J. Geol. Explor. Res
2016 3(5): 226- 232[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](744 KB)

Pavlova A and Pak R

Mathematical modeling of wave fields in layered media with additional stresses
Stand. Glob J. Geol. Explor. Res
2016 3(5): 233- 241[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](574 KB)

Dahab MA,El Shiekh Ahmedana and Adil Elkrail
Groundwater Water Quality In Matammah Locality - Northern Khartoum State ? Sudan
Stand. Glob. J. Geol. Explor. Res 2016 3(5): 242- 250
[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](1.1 MB)

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