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Standard Global Journal of Business Management (SGJBM)

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Table of Content:July 2014; Volume 1 Issue 4

Research Articles

Ezugwu CI and Alex Abiremi Itodo

Impact of equity ownership structure on the operating performance of Nigerian Banks (2002-2011)
Stand. Glob. J. Bus. Manag. 2014 1(4): 061 - 073[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](494KB)

Ezugwu CI and Negedu Emmanuel

Stock returns - volume relationship in the Nigerian financial market
Stand. Glob. J. Bus. Manag. 2014 1(4): 074 - 083[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](411KB)

Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy

To what extent changing tax policy and external financing influence the risk level of Viet Nam stock investment industry during and after the global crisis
Stand. Glob. J. Bus. Manag. 2014 1(4): 084 - 096[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](337 KB)

Oniovosa Stanley

The problems and prospects of industrialization in Delta State (A case study of Ozma Nigeria Limited, Warri)
Stand. Glob. J. Bus. Manag. 2014 1(4): 097 - 105[Abstract][Full Text-PDF](307 KB)

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