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Stand. Glob  J.  Edu. Res

Vol. 1 No. 5

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Standard Global Journal of Educational Research (SGJER)
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 Standard Global Journal of Educational Research Vol.1(5), pp. 103-126 May 2014
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 Research article


Suggested training program based on Web Quest strategy to develop industrial schools teachers roles in light of Quality Assurance Standards


Ghada Naguib


Institute of Educational Studies, Cairo University, Egypt


Author E-mail:


 Accepted 07 May, 2014


Web Quest strategy is a new teaching way based on the survey, question, search and discovery aims to develop the mental abilities of various students' and rely partly or entirely on electronic sources on the Web and selected in advance with the possibility of integrating a host of other source like; magazines, books, CDs, or any other sources of knowledge which must be prepared first as resources by the teacher. The effectiveness of the Web Quest strategy and its impact on improving the suggested training program and some from its axis (standards of teacher domain :Planning for teaching and learning process ? Using variety methods of assessment. the researcher see that the Web Quest strategy has high effectiveness in the standards related to collecting information or knowledge with evident, although the standards relating to the acquisition some skills or modification in behaviors the web quest strategy has no effect , may be the standards which need changing the skills and attitudes in teaching needs to change in some procedures of the web quest strategy. So we can say that the web quest strategy is a strategy for cognitive structural education.

Keywords: WebQuest, Education, Industrial, Schools, Teachers

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