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Stand. Glob  J.  Edu. Res

Vol. 1 No.

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Standard Global Journal of Educational Research (SGJER)
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 Standard Global Journal of Educational Research Vol.1(5), pp. 096-102 May 2014
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 Research article


Curriculum implementation in Zimbabwe: phases and passages


Makaye Jeriphanos


Department of Curriculum Studies, Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe


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 Accepted 07 May, 2014


This paper is a theoretical articulation of the fundamental concepts of curriculum implementation much as they apply to Zimbabwe. Cognizance of the fact that education has no frontiers, educationists and policy makers across the world divide can also take a leaf from lessons drawn from this discourse. The paper which is based on experience and desk study makes reference to macro- and- micro implementation (passages and phases). It unravels what happens at macro level through describing the passages of administration, adoption, micro-implementation and technical validity respectively. The passage of micro-implementation is further described by looking at its sub processes referred herein as phases. This exploration of phases of micro-implementation will facilitate a better conceptualization of the whole phenomenon of micro implementation as applicable to the Zimbabwean situation. In this vein, phases of mobilization, deliverer implementation and institutionalization are to be described. The paper concludes by acknowledging that curriculum implementation is characterized by a lot of challenges most of which were deliberately not discussed. However, taking cognizance of the highlighted lessons Zimbabwe can have a success story to tell on its curriculum design and development.

Keywords: curriculum implementation, implementation passages and phases, macro- and micro-implementation, institutionalization

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