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Editing & Proofreading

SGJ offers a meticulous editing and proofreading services free of charge especially for manuscripts submitted to any of its journals. Manuscripts are checked for proper grammar usage and flow. Our editing team ensures that the author?s ideas are clearly and succinctly communicated to the target audience.

Our objective is to ensure that your article is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Our service also makes sure that word choice and sentence construction carries your discussion clearly, concisely, and with consistency. We check for compliance with our journal citation styles.

Our editors and proofreaders understand that academic articles must adhere to certain conventions relating to structure, style, and voice and will check your article to make sure that these conventions are followed. Our editors and proofreaders will consider the purpose of the article, its argument, and the organization of the material to see that your writing is clear and makes sense, relates directly to the thesis statement, and is fully supported by your evidence. We will also ensure that your in-text citations are included in the reference list or bibliography, that all the tables and figures (if any) are cited in the body of the manuscript as well as check the reference list or bibliography for proper form and style. Generally the combination of both the in-body citation and the bibliographic entry constitutes what is commonly thought of as a citation.

Most importantly, our high ethical standards ensure that your scientific content and meaning will not be altered. Our editors and proofreaders will not write your article for you, nor will anyone research, alter, or add to your content. However, our editors will make suggestions and recommendations for how you can improve your paper.

All manuscripts submitted to SGJ must undergo this rigorous process before they will be accepted for publication.


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